Sunday, December 09, 2012

May 1, 1953: Beginning of the 80c minimum domestic postage due charge



Luxembourg-Ville, 28 Jul 1953, to Redange-sur-Attert, 29 Jul 1953

Two events of postal history significance occurred on May 1, 1953:  the domestic postcard rate was increased to 1.20 F and a new 80c minimum charge for domestic postage due items took effect.

These changes are seen on the postcard shown above. The card was posted from Luxembourg-Ville to Redange-sur-Attert on July 28, 1953, franked only with a one-franc definitive. Because of the May 1st rate increase, the postcard was underfranked by 20c. But the Redange post office collected 80c postage due--four times the deficiency.  This charge reflects the new minimum charge that had taken effect on May 1, 1953. 

The 80c minimum was also made applicable to incoming underfranked mail as of July 1, 1953.

Don’t let postal rate gems like this slip away as you rummage through dealers’ junk boxes!



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