Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Uprated Uses of the 75c Colmar Berg Postal Card


Two new postal cards appeared on 1 October 1945, in the aftermath of World War 2 --- a 75c card and a 2.00-franc card.  They remain underappreciated despite offering the specialist a trove of interesting post-war rates, uses, and cancels. 

Here are three unusual uprated uses of the 75c card.

Uprated in 1950 For Domestic Use


Remich to Mondorf-les-Bains
22 Jun 1950

The 75c domestic rate was increased
to 1.00-franc on 1 Jan 1949.


Printed Back

Jean Maroldt, Notary

Uprated in 1946 for Use to France


Larochette (Belgian-style cancel) to Strassbourg, France
19 June 1946

Although the postal card rate to France was set at 1.50-franc as of 20 Feb 1945, a new card was not issued for this rate in 1945.


Uprated in 1946 for Special Delivery to Belgium


Luxembourg-Ville to Brussels, Belgium
4 Jan 1946

Uprated 7.00 francs to pay the special delivery fee!


Monday, April 11, 2016

First Day Use of the 75c Colmar-Berg Postal Card



1 October 1945

[5:00-6:00 p.m.]
Ixelles-Bruxelles, Belgium


Luxembourg issued two postal cards on 1 October 1945:  a 75c card featuring the Grand Ducal residence at Colmar-Berg paying the domestic rate and the rate to Belgium, and a 2.00-franc card for UPU use (including Germany). 

The rate to France was set at 1.50-franc as of 20 Feb 1945, but a card was not issued for that rate.

The card shown here was sent on the first day of issue by J. P. Wallenborn, a well known Luxembourg stamp dealer, to the postal stationery enthusiast, August Wery, in Belgium. 

Wallenborn writes: 

    Voici la première et l'autre va à votre adresse de Paris

Uses of these two cards in 1945 are scarce!