Wednesday, December 11, 2013

14-stamp 82 Rpf. WWII Combination Franking




20g letter to the Reich = 12 Rpf.
Registry fee = 30 Rpf.
Special delivery fee = 40 Rpf.

Luxemburg, 5 March, 1941,
to Munich, 6 March 1941

Here two 3 Rpf. Hindenburgs and a 10 Rpf. Hindenburg are used with eleven (count ‘em!) 6 Rpf./10c Charlotte surcharges.  Who has a commercially used European-size cover correctly franked with more than 14 stamps?

Monday, December 02, 2013

Visiting Card and Cover from Arsdorf

Earlier this year, in a post entitled “Lilliputian Postal History,” I wrote about my fascination with visiting cards (the article is here).  Now, thanks to a collector in Luxembourg, I’ve been fortunate to add a visiting card and cover from Arsdorf to my collection.  Here it is:

M. & Mme. Jos. Jaaques,


19 April 1938

10c rate –
Not more than
five handwritten words