Sunday, May 01, 2016

Bovange (Boegen) to Bulgaria in 1898 with Postage Due on a 5c G.D. Adolphe Postal Card!


G.D. Adolphe 5c Postal Card
(1st issue)

Bovange (Boegen),
29 Jun 1898,
Clervaux transit,
30 Jun 1898,
Sofia, Bulgaria
21 Jun 1898
(Julian calendar)

=’s 3 Jul 1898
(Gregorian calendar)

5c underpaid for the 10c UPU rate. Taxed double the 5c deficiency, with a pair of
5 stotinki 1896 Bulgarian postage due stamps affixed

It’s always a pleasant surprise to find a common domestic postal card with a scarce use, franking, and cancel!
Written at Allerborn and 
addressed to a Capuchin friar in Sofia.