Friday, January 03, 2020

5c Adolphe Postal Card with Illustrated Advertising

Unsure what it is or what it does!

7 Nov 1902
Berlin, Germany
9 Nov 1902 

Printed backs with illustrations on government-issued postal cards are uncommon. This illustration is especially well executed, although the machine's use remains for a reader to explain!

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

MARIE ADÉLAÏDE - Die Proof on Glazed Card by Schirnböck

Die Proof on Glazed Card

Reverse inscribed in manuscript: 

Luxemburg 1914 Großherzogin

with Red Handstamp:  

Ferdinand Schirnböck

Believed to be unique.

Unusual Rates: Registered Printed Matter

29c Rate

Registered Printed Matter!

20 Nov 1916,
Trier Censor,
 to Eisenach, Germany
22 Nov 1916


4c Printed Matter Rate to Germany
(but Basien-Hoffkamp shows the 4c rate
increasing to 5c on 1 Aug 1916)
25c Registry Fee

What purposes were served by registering printed matter?  One can only speculate.  Perhaps to be sure the recipient (here a seller of construction materials [Baumaterialien]) received the information, and certainly a registered letter would not go unnoticed in the incoming mail.