Tuesday, June 20, 2017

When did WW1 German censorship of incoming mail end?

Chemical Censorship of Incoming Mail
9 Days before the 1918 WW1 Armistice


2 Nov 1918

 Violet Trier censor handstamp
and chemical swabs front and back



Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Two views of Clervaux are found on the 40c Second Series of Postal Stationery Viewcards!

Have you noticed? 

The Clervaux view
was redrawn in 1931!

LHBK 97-01a --- Prifix 102

21 Jul 1930 Printing

LHBK 97-01b --- Prifix 102

1931 Printing (redrawn view)

11 Jul 1931
Bruxelles, Belgium

The other 11 views in the 1931 printing were not redrawn.  Why was the Clervaux substantially redrawn?  

Also, on the 1931 printing of the 40c Clervaux view the stamp imprint appears in a deeper green than it does on the 1930 printing, and the view is printed in a deep reddish-brown, whereas the 1930 printing is in brown.

The two different Clervaux views are listed in the Luxembourg Handbook.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Modern postal stationery varieties: 40c/90c Mondorf Viewcard with Full Offset (Abklatsch)

Prifix 94 --- LHBK 96-01

40c/90c Vase
Full Offset

23 Jan 1931
Munich, Germany
Uprated to pay the 75c
rate to Germany

Not previously reported.

A scarce Mondorf postal viewcard -- sole use of the 40c/90c surcharge!

Prifix 94 --- LHBK 96
Nine Mondorf Views 

When the 40c/90c surcharged Mondorf viewcards appeared sometime in 1930, the 40c postal card rate to France and Germany had already ended on December 15, 1927.  Thus, sole uses of the 40c/90c card are only possible domestically (from 1 Jul 1930 to 1 Feb 1935) and to Belgium (from 1 Dec 1929 to 1 Feb 1935).  In 50 years of collecting, I have only acquired two sole uses -- that's one every 25 years on the average!  How many do you have?

Statue -- View 96-02
22 Oct 1930
Esch-sur-Alzette to Rodange

Commercial correspondence.

Bridge -- View 96-06
2 Apr 1932
Luxembourg-Ville III to
Berbourg [Post: Wecker]

  Stamp dealer correspondence.