Sunday, May 05, 2019

Collecting Post-1960 Incoming Mail to Luxembourg (Congo, San Marino, Ethiopia, Swaziland)

Add some sparkle to your Luxembourg collection with incoming commercial mail from the last 50 years or so.  Such mail is scarcer than you might think, partly because meter imprints and stickers have largely supplanted the use of stamps by businesses and at post office counters. This is a sad development for postal history collectors, as I've yet to see a meter sticker that qualifies as artistic or aesthetically pleasing.   

But with the likes of Delcampe or Jim Forte's website (350,000 worldwide covers), you'll still find many beautiful covers from 1960 onward franked with "real" stamps.  Even a small collection of these can be quite satisfying.

Here are examples:


Democratic Republic of Congo
29 July 1967
Airmail to Rodange 

2F Fishing Industry
4F Pyrethrum Harvest
10F Cotton Harvest
24F Soldier and Flag 

San Marino

Republica di San Marino, U.F.
28 Feb 1966
Luxembourg-Ville transit
5 Mar 1966 to
6 Mar 1966

80L Baillet Latour, Olympics
130L Dante

Airmail - Registered - Special Delivery
in 1985

 Addis Ababa
16 Aug 1985

transit Luxembourg 1
19 Aug 1985

to Vianden 9400
19 Aug 1985

Airmail Picture Postcard
in 1972 

Mbabane, 6 Nov 1972

Market in Manzini