Sunday, February 02, 2020

10c Adolphe Postal Card Used to Kieta, SOLOMON ISLANDS in 1905

10c Adolphe Postal Card to the Marist Catholic Mission

in Kieta, Bougainville Island, 

Solomon Islands in 1905

Reverse use of the 10c Adolphe Reply Half Postal Card

31 May 1905
Kieta, Bougainville Island,
Solomon Islands 

For the postal stationery collector, destinations in Oceania are among the most challenging.  This card was sent by P. Hastert to the Rev. P. Seyler, a Marist missionary in Kieta, a port town on the Eastern coast of Bougainville Island.  The writer describes the year's Octave Procession at the Luxembourg Cathedral.

The Marists established a mission at Kieta in 1901, becoming the first permanent European residents of Bougainville Island.  By 1903 the mission was reported to be thriving.  And by 1905, a station and post office had been built.