Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Can you explain the unusual routing of this registered postal card in 1941 during the WW2 occupation?


15 Rpf.
foreign surface postal card rate
 + 30 Rpf. registration fee


Luxemburg 1,
18 January 1941 


Reich censorship
in Berlin or Frankfurt 


San Francisco, California
(West coast of the United States!)
3 March 1941


Union City, New Jersey USA
(East coast of the United States)
8 Mar 1941


The card is incorrectly addressed to “Union-City N.Y.” but was delivered to nearby Union City, New Jersey.

There is also a Union City, California, on the east side of San Francisco Bay. Might that have been why the card reached San Francisco, California on March 3rd? The postal clerks certainly haven’t given us any clues!