Tuesday, September 08, 2020

The 87½c Marie-Adélaïde definitive - scarce on cover!



87½c Marie-Adélaïde Pair

 correctly rates

a 4th-Step UPU registered cover

to Holland in 1922

Wecker, 17 Feb 1922

Transit Luxembourg-Ville [b/s], 17 Feb 1922

To Amsterdam, Holland

60-80g UPU Letter = 50c+25c+25c+25 = 1.25F

10 May 1921 – 1 Jun 1924

 Registry fee = 50c

10 May 1921 – 1 Jun 1924

The 5kg parcel post rate to Germany increased to 87½c in July 1916.  To accommodate the new rate, the 87½c Marie-Adélaïde was issued on March 1, 1917.  Consequently, we seldom see this high-denomination stamp used on cover, but here it is used as a pair on a correctly rated,  fourth-step UPU registered cover.  


And on August 14, 1916, stock of the 1-Franc Marie-Adélaïde had been surcharged to 87½c to meet immediate needs.  See use of the 87½c/1Fr surcharge on a parcel card here .



 87½c Marie-Adélaïde

with 12½c Marie-Adélaïde

UPU registered cover uprated to 1-franc

Esch-sur-Alzette V, 8 Dec 1922

Transit Luxembourg-Ville, 8 Dec 1922

To Tetschen, Czechoslovakia

20g UPU Letter rate = 50c
10 May 1921

UPU Registry fee = 50
10 May 1921









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