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WW2 Occupation Parcel Cards from Gœbelsmühle

Parcel cards (Post-Paketkarte) used in Luxembourg during the WW2 German occupation provide a fertile field for specialization and research.  Sadly, little has been written about these cards, inviting their study by collectors who are bored by the many philatelic creations that pass for the country's WW2 postal history.

If you collect these parcel cards, you'll quickly appreciate their postal history significance as they exhibit unusual rates, special auxiliary labels, unusual occupation frankings, COD and money letter services, the Germanized occupation cancels and much more. 

 Gœbelsmühle--Two Types

Gare Giewelsmillen-002.jpg 

Consider for example picturesque Gœbelsmühle in the Bourscheid commune--today with a population of just 17 and a beautiful old railway station on the CFL line.  Yet its postal history dates back at least to 1905, when the village was issued a double-circle cancel.

Pre-Occupation Parcel Card Used
During the German Occupation

WW2 Handstamp
Gobelsmuhle in Gothic Letters
with Manuscript date
14 March 1941

Gobelsmuhle to Kuntzig
10 kg Zone 1 ~65 km = 65 Rpf.
Kuntzig [bs], 14 March 1941

Hindenburg Médallion franking
overprinted 'Luxemburg'

Hindenburg franking valid 

until 12/31/41

Göbelsmühle Reich Parcel Card
Overprinted for Bettborn (Moselland) Use

Bettborn to Esch-Alzig
22 March 1943

5.5 kg Zone 1 = 35 Rpf
Delivery fee = 15 Rpf
5 Rpf overrated
Delivery fee refunded [red b/s]

Reich Hitler-head Franking
Valid beginning 1 August 1941

The reference for German parcel cards generally during this period is:

Paul-Jürgen Hueske, Der Paketdienst im Deutschen Reich 1933-1945 (Infla Bücherei 47, 2001).


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