Monday, May 15, 2017

Sole domestic use of the 20c Arms Postal Card in 1926—A Scarce, Overlooked Rate

Sole Domestic Use in 1926 

Luxembourg-Gare B
19 Jan 1926
20 Jan 1926

Luxembourg issued a 20-centime orange Coat of Arms postal card on June 1, 1921, as the postal card rate to Belgium, France, and Germany had been increased to 20 centimes in May 1921. This postal card remained valid until 30 June 1928 (Prifix 70—Hdbk 72). And the 20-centime rate to Belgium continued in effect until August 1, 1926, and to France and Germany until October 1, 1925. Thus, sole uses to the three neighboring countries are not too difficult to find.

Often overlooked, however, is that the domestic postal card rate was also increased to 20 centimes, as of January 1, 1926.  This domestic rate remained in effect for only 7 months—until August 1, 1926.  Consequently, sole domestic uses during this 212-day period are difficult to find.  Shown above is the only example in my collection.

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