Tuesday, April 04, 2017

WW2 Parcel Cards from Luxembourg Conscripts in Occupied Poland

Schwetz (Weichsel) to Oberfeulen



Soldier Spielmann to Spielmann Family
in Oberfeulen

 Schwetz (Weichsel), Poland, ? Mar 1943
Oberfeulen [post: Niederfeulen b/s], 21 Mar 1943

3.0 kg. = 60 Rpf. [Zone 5]
Delivery Fee = 15 Rpf.

On November 26, 1939, as a result of the German campaign in Poland, the Schwetz district became part of the newly formed Reichsgaus Westpreußen—later, Danzig-Westpreußen—in the new Regierungsbezirk Bromberg.  After war, the town’s Polish nameŚwieciewas restored.

Graudenz 3 to Esch/Alzig 

Soldier Koch to Emil Koch
in Esch/Alzig

 Graudenz 3, Poland, 15 Mar 1943
Esch-Alzig [b/s], 24 Mar 1943

4.0 kg. = 60 Rpf. [Zone 5]
Delivery Fee = 15 Rpf.
Delivery fee refunded (red hs)

From 26 October 1939 to 1945, Graudenz was part of the administrative district of Regierungsbezirk Marienwerder in the new province of Reichsgau Danzig-West Prussia.  After the war, the town's Polish name—Grudziądz—was restored.


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