Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mimeographed Advertising Sent as Printed Matter in 1899

A couple years ago, I blogged about an Austrian postal card incoming to Luxembourg with mimeographed advertising sent as printed matter that was taxed at the postal card rate.  Your will find that December 22, 2014, post here.  A viewer noted that the card was taxed either because the mimeographing looked like handwriting, or because Correspondenz-Karte had not been crossed out and Imprimé or Drucksache added.

Now I've added another incoming Austrian card to my collection.  Shown below, this commercial post card has Correspondenz-Karte crossed out and Drucksache added.  Addressed to the Hotelier at the Hotel Clesse in Luxembourg, the mimeographed text is in light green (front and back).  Only the name of the hotel has been added in manuscript.

 3 Kr. Kaiser Franz Joseph = Printed matter rate

Podwoloczyska, Austria
22 Apr 1899
24 Apr 1899

And here is a photo of the Grand Hotel Clesse, Place de la Gare, taken about 1900.  Howard Johnson's Motor Lodges were never this beautiful!

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