Monday, October 03, 2016

Sometimes mourning need not be sad (updated below)

1918_Sep_23 Mourning Cover (front)
Luxembourg-Ville IV
23 Sep 1918
Censored at Trier
Special Delivery to
Munich, Bavaria

1918_Sep_23 Mourning Cover (back)

Nothing to be sad about when you find a mourning cover sent by special delivery with G.D. Marie Adélaïde franking!

But who was the sender who was in mourning?  Where is/was Koenig Rieg in Luxembourg?
F. Zimmer
Bei den Krankgebruedern
Koenig Rieg. Luxemburg

And who was the “high-born” recipient?

Frau Oberst-Lieutenent
Prinzregentenstraße 11a
Muenchen / Bayern

Dieter Basien kindly answers some of my questions:

Bei den Krankenbrüdern
= (Convent / Kloster)
Königs-Ring = Boulevard Royal
in Luxembourg-Ville

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