Thursday, November 19, 2015

Official Mail from the Palace to Col. S. T. Mackall in the Philippines in 1935



L’Aide de Camp de S.A.R. Grand Duchesse Luxembourg





2F brown Esch Foundry
(black officiel overprint – 25c overpaid)

Luxembourg Ville III
24 Dec 1935
to Manila, Philippine Islands

Violet handstamp
Service de la Grande Duchesse

During World War 1, the addressee, Colonel Samuel T. Mackall (1880-1937), served with the American Expeditionary Forces in Europe, heading the intelligence staffs of the 26th Division and VI Corps. He was in charge of Civil Affairs, Luxembourg, when the expeditionary forces were occupying Germany territory after the Armistice.

When this letter was sent, Colonel Mackall was the commander of the 31st Infantry in the Philippines, a post he held from June 1934 to February 1936.

He died on April 28, 1937, while heading the War Department’s Military Intelligence Division in Washington, D.C., and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.



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