Monday, October 05, 2015

A scarce 92-day 25-centime postal card rate to Belgium




25c on 15c Écusson Postal Card

Luxembourg-Ville, 29 Sep 1926,
to Ixelles-Brussels, Belgium

Type 1 Surcharge (sans serif ‘i’)

25c Postal Card Rate

To Belgium:  1 Aug 1926—1 Nov 1926
(only 92 days)


Sole uses (uses without adhesive stamps added) of the surcharged Écusson postal stationery issued in the late 1920s and early 1930s are surprisingly difficult to find.  One of the most difficult is use to Belgium of the 25c on 15c surcharged card during the 92-day period that the 25c rate to Belgium was in effect.  That rate took effect on 1 August 1926 and was effective for domestic postal cards and postal cards to Belgium.  But the 25c postal card rate to Belgium was increased to 30c just 92 days later on 1 November 1926, whereas the 25c domestic rate did not increase until 1 April 1927.

We do not know the quantity of 15c cards surcharged to 25c nor the date that they were issued. The Luxembourg Handbook (2009) reports the earliest known use date to be 11 September 1926.

Look for sole uses to Belgium during the 92-day 25-centime rate period.  They are scarce and will add value to your postal stationery collection.

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