Monday, June 08, 2015

A Bernhoeft Printed Back


In the preceding post, I pointed out that treasures lurk in old stocks of postal cards.  Here’s another example.

On its face, this 5c Adolphe (2nd issue) postal card offers nothing very special—just a Luxembourg-Ville 1906 cancel and 5c uprating paying the 10c rate to Belgium, hardly an exotic destination.  But wait a moment, please.  Take a look at the printed back.  The card is from and signed by Charles Bernhoeft (1859-1933), the esteemed publisher of many of Luxembourg’s finest early postcards.  He became the court photographer in 1891.  His prolific work is widely sought after today by deltiologists.  Edmond Thill showcases Bernhoeft’s work in his recently published, 800-page reference Charles Bernhoeft: Photographe de la Belle Epoque, which contains over 1,000 Bernhoeft photographs.








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