Monday, August 04, 2014

Modern Postal History from Arsdorf


Collecting modern postal history can be even more challenging than acquiring classic covers from international auctions.  That’s because modern covers seldom appear in these expensive international auctions; they are more likely to be found on the Internet or in the stocks of vest pocket dealers at small bourses, local shows, or flea markets. 

If you can’t attend the bourses or shows, maybe a kind friend will help by searching for material on your behalf.  That’s how I was fortunate recently to acquire these three gems of modern Arsdorfian postal history.


Second-step Domestic Registered Letter in 1943, 
during the World War 2 Occupation


20-250g domestic letter = 24 Rpf.

Registry fee = 30 Rpf.

Arsdorf to Ettelbrück

12 January 1943

Reich franking became mandatory in Luxembourg on 1 January 1942; before that, from April 1, 1941 onward, it was discretionary.

Who has a third-step 40 Rpf. 250-500g cover from Arsdorf? 
Maybe nobody!





Arsdorf c Roller Cancel
(FSPL Type 53.09)


3-Franc 20g Domestic Letter Rate 
Arsdorf to Hostert
20 November 1970

When collecting cancels of your favorite towns and villages, don’t forget to look for the roller cancels.  They can be especially elusive, particularly on cover!




Registered in Arsdorf but Cancelled in Rambrouch:
A Modern Postal History Mystery 



‘Arsdorf-Rambrouch’ to Luxembourg-Ville
3 November 1976
6-Franc 20g Domestic Letter Rate
20-Franc Domestic Registry Fee


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