Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Local Delivery Rates During the World War II Occupation


Easily overlooked by postal history collectors are the reduced rates for local delivery of postcards and letters that began during the World War II occupation. 

The so-called “ortstarif” rates took effect on October 1, 1940, when the Reich currency was implemented.  These rates continued in francs and centimes after the occupation until October 1, 1945.

Here are three examples from the occupation period:

5-Rpf. Local Postcard Rate

Kayl – Local Use

7 November 1941




8-Rpf. Local 20g Letter Rate

Düdelingen im Moselland – Local Use

25 January 1944



16-Rpf. Local 20g-250g Letter Rate

Mixed Franking
6 Rpf Charlotte (2nd) & 10 Rpf Hindenburg

Luxemburg 1 d – Local Use
18 February 1941


From the Bofferding brewery to the brewers’ association!


16-Rpf. Local 20g-250g Letter Rate

Turned Envelope

Free mail sent by the Finanzamt Esch (Alzig)
Esch-Alzig n, 24 Jun 1943, to D

Returned by the recipient
Esch (Alzig) g – Local Use
16-Rpf Hitler Head – Sole Use!
18 May 1944


This turned cover also reminds us of the paper shortages that were experienced toward the end of the occupation.


38-Rpf. Local
20g Registered Letter Rate

Fels (Moselland) a – Local Use

15 August 1942
8-Rpf postage + 30-Rpf registry fee


Gemeindeverwaltung Heffingen = Heffingen Local Government


After the occupation, the 20g local letter rate was 80 centimes, and 1.60 Fr for 20g-250g local letters.  The local postcard rate was 50 centimes.

Add Ortstarif covers to your collection.  They are a small but interesting part of Luxembourg’s postal history!

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