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A 70c Domestic Registry Fee in 1926? Yes! Updated below.



In the mid-1920s, postal rates worldwide were changing frequently as world economies moved closer to the Great Depression that hit in 1929.  Consequently for the postal historian, this is a fascinating period in which to study the interaction of politics, economics, and postal charges.

A 70c Registry Fee?

The Luxembourg Postman’s Calendar for 1926 (excerpted above) indicates that the 1926 domestic registry fee was 70 centimes, an increase of 20 centimes from the prior 50-centime rate. When was this 70-centime registry fee in effect?  From the Basien-Hoffkamp rate book, we know that an 80-centime registry fee took effect on August 1, 1926.  Was the 80-centime fee preceded by a 70-centime fee?  If so, when did the 50c rate end and the 70c rate begin?

Here is an example:


Domestic COD Postcard
1 F Blue Vianden + 30c Charlotte [1st]
Luxembourg-Gare, 31 May 1926
Bigonville [post: Perl
é], 31 May 1926

Domestic postcard rate = 20c
Domestic registry fee = 70c
COD fee to collect 319.40 F = 40c


Update.  Dieter Basien confirms the 70-centime registry fee, thus:

01.10.1925 0,50 F.

01.01.1926 0,70 F.

01.08.1926 0,80 F.

Here is the announcement from L’Memorial of 26 December 1925:

70 C.

Danke, Dieter!


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