Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Modern Luxembourg Postal History – Collectible and Affordable


I often wonder why so much modern Luxembourg postal history goes wanting. Enjoyment of philately and postal history should not be just for the rich.

In the 14th Schlegel auction in Berlin this week, there were over 300 lots of Luxembourg classics, but the starting price for the least expensive lot was about 50 euros (plus commission, plus a per lot fee, plus money transfer charges, plus shipping).  On websites like Delcampe and Jim Forte’s, however, you’ll find that equally interesting, equally challenging modern postal history abounds, and it is often offered for one-tenth of that 50-euro threshold over at auction houses like Schlegel. 

Here’s an example of a recent purchase of mine of modern Luxembourg postal history from a seller in Portugal—price: just $2.99!






64 gm. [50g-100g rate] letter to Germany = 36 F

Registry fee to Germany = 80 F

1 May 1996 tariff


1990 Dynasty Sheet (100 F) +
16 F 1999 UPU 125th Anniversary commemorative


Weiswampach tourist hand cancel,
16 Sep 1999


Weiswampach to Hilden, Germany

Registry labels:

Luxembourg:  RR 002464874 LU

Germany:  R04291240692DE

Reverse Corner card (on back flap):

Walter Strelow
Anlageberater [Investment Advisor]

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