Sunday, April 13, 2014

From A to Z


Collecting incoming mail adds color and richness to a Luxembourg postal history collection.  And with searchable websites and auction catalogs, it’s possible to find many unusual examples.  Here are a couple of my favorites—Aden and Zanzibar:




Aden to Luxembourg-Grund
in 1894
10 Pf. German Eagle Postal Card


Deutsche Seepost,

Ost-Asiatische Haupt Linie

23 Feb 1894


23 Feb 1894

Transit Ligne N Paq. FR. No. 8

25 Feb 1894

To Luxembourg-Grund

Written at Aden, 21 Feb 1894 (in French!)

Aden's location made it a popular exchange port for mail passing between places around the Indian Ocean and Europe during the late 19th and early 20th century (the Zanzibar card below is an example).  The 1910 Encylopaedia Britannica [11th ed.] mentions that the port back then was visited yearly by 1300 steamers.

aden073The Wharf at Aden 





Zanzibar to Luxembourg-Ville
in 1898
1 Anna Zanzibar Postal Card


[Squared Circle] 15 Jun 1898

Transit Aden, 27 Jun 1898

Luxembourg-Ville, 11 Jul 1898

Forwarded to:

Luneville, France, 12 Jul 1898



Sent to J. G. Paquelet, whose stamp dealer correspondence spanned the globe. 

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