Sunday, February 03, 2013

So Ugly, It’s Beautiful!



Hasler 102
[FSPL Type L]

Used by the

Internationale Bank in Luxemburg
17 Jan 1941 to 19 Aug 1943

While writing up sole 25 Rpf. WWII frankings this evening—
25 Rpf. being the first-step foreign letter rate from 1 Oct 1940 to the end of the occupation—I noticed this ugly duck.  Where does it fit?

The undated meter stamp imprint is one of several Hasler octagonal-type imprints used between 1926 and 1950.  The address was applied with some kind of addressing machine.  On the back are the German censor marks and tape that were applied at Frankfurt [code ‘e’].



In its simplicity, the cover offers an ascetic elegance, I think.  And unlike my 25 Rpf. Hindenburg, 25 Rpf. Charlotte surcharge, or 
25 Rpf. Hitler-head covers, there’s only one 25 Rpf. meter-mark sole franking in my WWII occupation collection. 

Really, it’s not ugly at all!


Machines à Affranchir Autorisées au Luxembourg: Catalogue des Cachets de Type Hasler (FSPL, 2000).

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