Saturday, March 12, 2011

Heinerscheid Registry No. 1




License plates with low numbers are much sought after.  But what about covers with low registry numbers?  Aren't they just as desirable?  Well, you'll have to decide.

Here's a cover with the optimum low registry number -- No. 1.  It is all the more remarkable because the number was written in the space provided for the registry number in the registry handstamp.  At least 95% of the covers I've seen have the number written outside the registry handstamp.

I also like the usage.  The cover was posted at Heinerscheid, May 23, 1922.  The Heinerscheid FSPL type 32 double-circle cancel is uncommon, even though it was used from 1910 until mid-October 1940.  (Heinerscheid was never issued a type 33 bridge-and-bar canceler.)  The cover was backstamped at Echternach the next day -- May 24, 1922.

The 25c Marie-Adélaïde definitive pays the domestic 20g letter rate; the 50c pays the registry fee.

How many number ones are in your collection?  No, I don't mean how many of the 10c William III 1852 issue.  These number ones are considerably scarcer!


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