Saturday, November 07, 2009

Strassen-Bertrange single circle cancel [T. 31]



Strassen-Bertrange, March 21, 1886

Rare cancels can still be found in mundane places, not just in major auctions.  And this green Strassen-Bertrange single circle cancel is proof that rare cancels still lurk on old printed album pages.  It appeared recently on eBay amidst two pages of mostly damaged, repaired, forged, or otherwise worthless 19th century stamps.  I was glad to add it to my Type 31 single-circle cancel collection as the page reserved for Strassen-Bertrange was empty despite many years of searching!

The FSPL cancel catalog indicates that this cancel was used from 1878 to April 1906, and that it is known in green, blue and black.  I'd sure like to find it on cover!  Got any duplicates to trade for other rarities?

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