Sunday, November 15, 2009

Exprès to the Château de Roth ‘par Vianden’ in 1902



Among my favorite uses of the five-centime first Grand Duke Adolphe postal stationery issue is this fine example sent by special delivery (Exprès) and routed 'par Vianden' to the Château de Roth, located a couple kilometers south of Vianden on the German side of the Our River across from Bettel.

Posted on the Luxemburg-Ulflingen TPO early in the morning on July 26, 1902, it transits Vianden at 9-10 a.m. [large double circle date stamp].  The 10c and 25c Adolphe definitives uprate the 5c postal card to 40c to pay the 30c special delivery fee and the 10c postcard rate to Germany.

Who says postal stationery is boring?


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