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An essay for the 1946 Dudelange souvenir sheet


Unlisted Essay



For the national stamp show held at Dudelange, July 28-29, 1946, Luxembourg issued a beautiful  semi-postal souvenir sheet featuring a 50-franc engraved stamp designed by August Trémont.  The stamp depicts the old forge at the Dudelange iron works in the iron mining region of southern Luxembourg.  The sheet was sold for 55 francs, with the supplement defraying the show expenses.  A quantity of 74,729 sheets was issued.  They were valid as postage until
January 1, 1947.

The unlisted imperforate essay above is gummed and identical in size and design to the issued stamp except for these differences:

  • the '50 F' denomination appears at the upper right rather than the lower left;
  • the tablet inscription reading 'ANCIEN LAMINOIR - DUDELANGE'  [Old Mill - Dudelange] at the top whereas it appears on the stamp in smaller font without a tablet background; 
  • LUXEMBOURG  is in a bolder, larger font;
  • there is no outer border line under LUXEMBOURG;
  • at the bottom on the issued stamp is the designer's name
    [A. Tremont] and printer [Courvoisier S.A.]; and
  • the color of the essay is a deeper blue.
  • the essay is imperforate; the stamp is p. 11.5.

1946 Dudelange Souvenir Sheet



First Day Cover

Dudelange show cancel and registry label,
backstamped at Kayl, July 30, 1946



Who can tell me more about the origins of this recently discovered essay?  The essay appears in a beautiful one-frame exhibit devoted to the 1946 Dudelange Stamp Show.  It is online at the fine website of the Cercle Phila Dudelange:

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