Saturday, December 27, 2008

Valeur (insured) UPU mail from Grevenmacher in 1932



We occasionally see insured ('money'  or 'valeur') letters from Luxembourg-Ville , but we very seldom find them from the smaller towns and villages.  Thus, this example, posted from Grevenmacher, June 17, 1932, to St. Gallen, Switzerland, where it was received the next day, finds it way to this blog.  The gaudy red wax seals of B. Wolf Cahen/Auguste Wolf Succ./Grevenmacher Luxembourg add to the cover's appeal.

Here is the rate explicated:

            • 2.75 F 20-40 g UPU letter [here 25 g]
      • 1.75 F registry fee
      • 1.75 F insurance fee (up to 300 gFr [here 257 gFr])

[Total:  6.25 F exactly paid]




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Robert said...

It is amazing what you find on the web.
The envelope described in your December 2008 blog was sent by my grandfather, August Wolf, a dry-goods merchant in Grevenmacher to one of his suppliers, Stoffel & Cie, in settlement of one of their transactions.