Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Stampless letter from Andorra in 1952

Collecting incoming mail is a pleasureable if endless pursuit. And finding correspondence between the mini-states of Europe is especially satisfying.
Here a letter was sent unfranked from Andorre la Vieille, Andorra, November 18, 1952, to Alfred Krier, a well known Luxembourg-Ville stamp dealer. As the UPU 20-g letter rate was 4 francs, Mr. Krier probably should have been charged postage due of double that amount -- 8 francs. Instead, the postal clerk has indicated '4,00' in blue crayon, presumably meaning 4 francs due. But when postage due was collected on November 22, 1952, the cashier apparently read the manuscript mark as '4,80,' which amount Mr. Krier presumably paid as evidenced by postage due stamps totalling 4.80 francs!

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