Saturday, December 27, 2008

Luxembourgensia: 1878 Cover from Luxembourg's New York 'Consulat Général'



Coincident with collecting Luxembourg postal history, I've also acquired many other interesting items related to Luxembourg history and culture.  These fall within the rubric referred to as 'Luxembourgensia.'

The cover shown here is one of those interesting items.  Bearing the cachet of the Grand Duché de Luxembourg Consulat Général New York on the front and back, the cover was sent from the Hotel Brunswick in New York in September 1878 to John Hyde, Judge of Probate, in Bay City, Michigan, where it was docketed on
September 13, 1878, by the jurist.  (It has been repaired on the right side, viewed from the front.)



Much more Luxembourgensia can be found on the website of the Luxembourg American Cultural Society, Inc. of Belgium, Wisconsin.  And today the Luxembourg Consulate in New York is at 17 Beekman Place and also has a presence on the web.

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