Saturday, December 13, 2008

57-F Insured Money Letter to Switzerland in 1931!


In 1931, the 20-franc 'Ville Basse à Luxembourg' pictorial was the highest denomination stamp Luxembourg had ever issued (and remained as such until the 1970s).  Uses on non-philatelic covers are extremely scarce.  Thus, I was delighted to recently obtain a money letter franked with two (!) 20-franc Ville Basses plus the equally scarce on cover 10-franc View of Luxembourg (p. 12 1/2 1934 printing), the 5-franc Adolphe bridge (p. 12 1/2), and the 2-franc Clervaux (also p. 12 1/2).

The 57-franc letter was posted from Luxembourg-Ville, March 1, 1934, with a declared value of 62,600 Belgian francs (converted to 8943 gold francs), received the next day at St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Here is the explication of the 57-franc rate:

  • 02.75 F postage (24-g UPU letter)
  • 01.75 F registration fee
  • 52.50 F Insurance fee (8943 gold francs at 1.75 F/300 gfr)




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