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2-franc (brown) 1924 Esch Foundry Pictorial

Most collectors love certain stamps and some covers more than others. One of my favorite stamps is the two-franc brown Esch Foundry pictorial issued in 1924, used until the WWII German occupation.  It is seen below:
  • on a lovely registered advertising cover,
  • paying part of the samples rate on a samples tag, and
  • on a money letter to Berlin,

And overprinted 'Officiel’ on

  • covers to the Philippines, France,  Germany, and Belgium that were sent either by a government agency or on behalf of the royal family.
Curiously, official covers seem to be more common (and are given a substantially lower valuation in Prifix) than their non-official counterparts.  Well, maybe!

Luxembourg-Ville IV, April 20, 1927
to Berlin, Germany, April 22, 1927

75c postage + 1.50 F registry




Luxembourg-Ville, April 20, 1928,
to Zürich, Switzerland
m/s:  Echantillon [sample]
300-350-g = 2.10 F
(30c per 50-g)



Luxembourg-Ville, September 12, 1928
to Berlin, Germany

4.00 F letter rate to Germany [100-120 g letter]
1.50 F registry fee
1.00 F insurance fee [1 F/300 gfr]


Embossed seal
of GD Charlotte's Aide-de-Camp
Luxembourg-Ville III to Manila, US Philippine Islands
December 24, Christmas Eve, 1935
Rare destination!
'Service de la Grande Duchesse'
Overfranked 25c (UPU rate: 1.75 F)

Wax seal of GD Charlotte's
Administration des Biens [property]

Luxembourg-Ville, April 5, 1928, to Paris, France
'Service de la Grande Duchesse'
'Administration des Biens'
1 F postage + 1.50 F registry

Luxembourg-Ville, November 14, 1926, to Strausberg, Germany
Direction des Postes
75c postage - 1.50 F registry
Underfranked 25c
[The registry rate to Germany was increased by 25c on November 1, 1926]



Luxembourg-Ville IV, November 20, 1926
to Anvers [Antwerp], Belgium
Direction des Postes

50c (first 20 g of 174 g)
30c each add'l 20 g (30c x 8 = 2.40 F)
Registry fee = 1.50 F

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