Thursday, March 23, 2006

Luxembourg's 1945-46 Provisional Postal Stationery

My in-depth article on and entitled "Luxembourg's 1945-46 Provisional Postal Stationery" recently appeared in Castellum (Volume 9, No. 4 [March 2006]), the quarterly journal of the Luxembourg Collectors Club. The Club's web presence is at:

Other articles I've contributed to Castellum include:
  • "Covers in the Handwriting of Marie-Adélaïde and Charlotte," (co-authored with Gary Little) (Volume 5, No. 1 [June 2001])
  • "Use of the Oval Déboursé Marking on Mail with Postage Due that the Addressee Refused or that was Otherwise Undeliverable," (Volume 7, No. 1 [June 2003])
  • "UPU Use of Luxembourg's 19th Century Domestic Postal Cards Without Supplemental Franking," (Volume 7, No. 2 [September 2003])
  • "The Relative Scarcity of Luxembourg's Commercial Perfins," (Volume 8, No. 1 [June 2004])
  • "Luxembourg's 1878 Surcharged Postal Stationery: A Typology," (Volume 9, No. 3 [December 2005])

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