Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Welcome to Luxembourgian Philately

Welcome to what may be the first (and, sadly, just now the only) blog devoted to Luxembourgian philately---meaning philately of the Grand Duchy, its cantons and communes (yes, they've issued stamps, too, albeit revenue stamps), the province of Luxembourg in Belgium, and anywhere or anything else to which the adjective Luxembourgian can be applied! Here you can, and I hope you will, unabashedly and informally share your thoughts, fantasies and experiences as a collector of things both Luxembourgian and philatelic. Moyen!


jangli said...

nice site, Allan. I enjoyed your comments. How about doing one on the "Oberpallen mystery" I think between us we have pretty well worked out what was going on with those cards, and that it would be of interest to others.

Svend said...

Very nice and interesting blog. You are doing Luxembourg philately a great service. Do keep it up. I will link up yor site to mine and you welcome to do the same.

Anonymous said...

. . eine wirklich tolle Zusammenstellung über fast alle Perioden der Post in oder nach Luxemburg.

Anonymous said...

Sehr interessante Studie über
luxemburgische Philatélie-
Kann der Verfasser sich bekannt machen, ausser seinem Namen :
ARSDORF um mit ihm in Kontakt zu geraten ?
Mein Anonymat : Walferdingen
(ein rarer Stempel)