Thursday, February 05, 2015

Newly discovered official postal seal used in 1952




Esch-sur-Alzette, local letter posted 5 Apr 1952, officially resealed and returned to sender on 7 Apr 1952 with the postal clerk’s explanation in French on the back.


Use of Luxembourg’s official postal seals after World War 2 remains undocumented.  This recently discovered example shows that by 1952 seals were no longer transparent and that the centered text now reads LUXEMBOURG (at top), TÉLÉGRAPHES (at bottom), et TÉLÉPHONES (at right), and POSTES, (at left).  Moreover, there is a new corner ornament:




For more information on worldwide postal seals, see Todd Hirn’s website: .  I previously blogged on Luxembourg postal seals here.  Also useful is James N. Drummond’s Official Seals of the World (1st ed. 2007, 610 pages).

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