Friday, October 31, 2014

Letter to Diekirch in 1888—Registered in London, Re-registered in Belgium? Why?




2d QV Inland Registry Envelope
Uprated With a 2½d QV Definitive

Seething Lane B.O. E.C.
25 Jan 1888
Registered London 4E
25 Jan 1888
[b/s] 26 Jan 1888
[b/s] 26 Jan 1888



This is the first example of incoming mail I’ve seen from this (or any) period with re-registry in Belgium?  What purpose did
re-registration serve?  Perhaps the Belgian registry label was applied due to the absence of a London registry label (and number).

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Ian - Norvic said...

I think the application of a Belgian registration label may simply have been a way to record the letter within the Belgian system.

In the present century Royal Mail did for a period apply their own barcoded label to incoming international mail which already had a barcode (and number) from the sending country.