Friday, December 07, 2012

‘Luxemburg, Germany?’



Springfield, Illinois, June 29, 1910

You probably have in your collection pre-World War I covers that bear Luxembourg town and street addresses but that have the country incorrectly designated as “Germany.” 

The 1910 cover shown above, addressed to “rue Phil[i]ppe
No. 40” (near Place d’Armes in Luxembourg-Ville),  doubles down on geographic uncertainty, designating the country as both “Luxemburg” and “Germany.”  Happily, a postal clerk appears to have made the correct choice, underscoring “Luxemburg” in blue crayon!

Until World War I, Luxembourg’s economic orientation was toward Germany.  After that war, the country eventually established an economic union with Belgium, and with that new identity, mail addressed to “Luxemburg, Germany” seems to have ended.


Luxembourg Ville [V], July 10, 1910


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