Friday, December 21, 2012

An Elusive Sole Use of the 2-Franc Postage Due






Sometimes a cover or card that at first glance appears especially ugly offers hidden philatelic beauty upon closer inspection.  Here is an example.

The 2.00 F and 3.00 F green-and-red postage dues are seldom found on either cover or card.  But here is the 2.00 F on a postcard almost “hidden” under the old Junglinster double-circle cancel!

This picture postcard from Vienna, Austria, was sent unfranked on August 13, 1935, to Junglinster, thus incurring double the
one-franc UPU postcard rate as postage due.

Knowing that I’ll likely never see another sole use of this stamp on a postcard, I can overlook the stains, heavy cancel, and undisciplined pencil handwriting.  Fortunately, I didn’t overlook the card itself! 

The stamp, off cover as a used single, catalogs nine euros in my 2007 Prifix catalog.  How many do you have in your collection on cover (or card)?


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